Joining Jeunesse Network Marketing

Jeunesse is not a random collection of products. We offer a select family of personal care and nutritional items featuring breakthrough sciences you won’t find elsewhere. Our Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) was carefully developed to combine powerful benefits into a mutually complementary and cohesive system.

A system of breakthrough skin care and nutritional supplements, Y.E.S. enhances youth by working at the cellular level. When used together, Y.E.S. products target the very health of your cells to keep them young and vital. 

ARISTOLOFT is a distributor of Jeunesse but also an active member of the network marketing strategy of Jeunesse. Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware. Network marketing  at Jeunesse is a marketing strategy in which a distributors  is compensated not only for sales he generates, but also for the sales of the other Distributors that he / she is recruiting . This recruited sales force is referred to, as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation. How this works with Jeunesse we will explain step by step, but before just get a flavour of what we are talking about, taking the future of your life into your own hands!

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Join us as in the 21st Century Health and Wellness concept as an entrepreneurial Network Marketer and Distributor with the technological most advanced Cosmetic and Nutrition Portfolio by joining JEUNESSE.

Here are the 8 steps to become a Distributor:

Go to:

Join - in 01

With Step one, you are on our team site: Here in Step 2 you click on “Join Now”

Join - in 03

After you clicked on Join Now you will see the page as below and choose your Region / Country and Language. We are GLOBAL, any country can join!

Join - in 05

By clicking on this link you will arrive directly to the site for selecting your country.


After you have selected your country and language you arrived at the info page. Please print the three documents, read them well, although thousands of distributor like myself have signed it. Once you click on  agree, go to the next step  with  clicking on

Join - in 06


I am not a current active MonaVie distributor. Jeunesse has taken on Monavie in the beginning of 2015 and for those distributors special agreements apply. Once you clicked on  agree, and that you are not an active MonaVie distributor, go to the next step with “continue”.

Now you arrived in the JOFFICE™, here you fill in your profile data. English is the default language.

As a Jeunesse Distributor, you are provided with a personal web page, which helps to promote your activity and gives an opportunity directing visitors to your personal web page in your country, where you will find all explanations of the products, the activity, events and retail prices, i.e. prices you may use for selling the portfolio to your customers directly, allowing you to earn a margin of around 30 percent.  Your purchase price (wholesale price) you will find after you signed up by entering he “Back Office”, a link next to “Join Now” also shown in Step 2.

For this personal webpage, please fill in under URL your name or company and insert your password.  Please also check whether the URL you select is available, if not select something different. This step is important, because if you will not be able to insert your URL the system will not accept the application.

Join - in 07


After the successful filling in of “Website Address Selection” please enter the Distributor Information, the Contact Information, the Mailing Address and the shipping address. The shipping address may be different than the mailing address.

Please note that the shipping address can not be  a company / PO Box, but must be a real person and its address as otherwise FEDEX, the supplier of Jeunesse to your home cannot deliver the goods.

After you fill in your profile data, you have to select the signup package. The starter Kit is mandatory (€ 21,39 plus VAT at this moment) and the signup package vary in price.

I selected the Ambassador package, giving you a little bit of a peace of mind to structure yourself for a 6 months period, without repurchasing during this time.

Join - in 08

Join - in 09

In order to see what the package contains you just click on “View Description” and it will open up the details. For exercice reasons we have selected the lowest package, the Basic package. Here you will see what costs you have to add on any of the package. the table below is self explanatory.

Join - in 11

In case you do not like any of the suggested product combination you may select your own package (Marked red above). Once you click on “View Description” it shows you which of the products you can select. Selection of the products is in dependence of the registration with authorities in the corresponding country. You should however not select a package which is below the value of the Basic Package of € 150,00.

Besides the basic package cost, you have to add the Starter Kit, VAT and the shipping cost. In Europe the products are supplied from Holland, which means a 23 % VAT is added for shipments into any European country. Shipping cost is in dependence of size and weight and ranges from about €30,00 for the Basic Package to about €45,00 for the Ambassador package. 

In case you are a company you may to ask for VAT exemption or return and when selling the product to end users you have to add the corresponding VAT of your country. 

Step 7:
After you have selected your package for your first supply, you have to mark your payment method and indicate products for the auto shipment.

Join - in 12

Under paycard option you may select “Paycard” as you have not yet applied and opened a Jeunesse specific account and pay the amount in question with your existing credit card. Please make certain that the country of residence (see STEP 5) and the country the credit card is issued  from are identical, otherwise the system will not accept the payment of the selected products.

Autoship Options give you the option the select which of the products you would like to receive every month automatically. On top under the heading of “Autoship Options” there is an information field where you can select from either “unconditional autoship” or “do not wish to sign up for autoship”. The video below explain the autoship options you have as a Distributor.

Details of the autoship you may also obtain from your “Backoffice” respectively in the chart below.

Join - in 15

As mentioned before, the starter kit cost of $29.95 / € 21,39 includes the retail website, back office with business management and reporting system, and must be renewed annually unless 360 CV is maintain in autoship in the preceding year.

If 360 CV in autoship is maintained during the preceding year, the annual renewal fee is waived. Annual Renewal is $19.95 / € 14.25.  Euro values may change in accordance with currency fluctuation.

At the end of the Autoship section you will finalize your or your new Distributor registration by clicking on “Complete Signup”.  Congratulation and Welcome to our Network Marketing Team.

The only part missing is the payment. After you click on “Complete Signup” the system will lead you to the payment section where you insert your credit card details. Please note, Credit Card and Personal Residency have to match i.e. the credit card has to be issues in the country where you have your residence.

For our Distributors and interested new Distributors we have a PowerPoint Presentation explaining how to sign up new members to the Jeunesse Network Marketing Team as well as a summary of the compensation plan and how it works. To get you free copy just click here, we shall send it by email within 24 hours.

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