Management & Medical Team

I am Falk Heinrichsohn, traveled and still traveling the world as a consultant in the field of alternative health and wellness, while living in Malta my official residence and partially in Portugal, my former home. When I was due to retire from corporate business, I felt, there was something more, than just retire, but give life a new meaning and shortly before I retired, I established in Portugal a foundation with the theme “Esperança de Vida”, or in English “Hope of Life” to support patients with unmet medical needs. In 2006, I also established, ARISTOLOFT, which eventually in my Vision would serve as a basis to explore further the 21st Century advances in alternative medical treatments. ARISTOLOFT, today (2017)  with sister company CellularStem are cellular treatment organizations with me as its Managing Director.

I developed a philosophy, based on the understanding, that human beings, with a biological structure of about 80 to 100 Trillion cells, are Energy Beings. All our Cells, are connected and “analyze and communicate” every moment what is happening in our lives, via its neuronal network. This network can initiate corrective, maintenance and survival actions in a human being, and certain cells, mainly stem cells are the natural repair teams in a human body. This is a natural process which over time has a reduced capacity as we are using up our cellular depot in our body. With stem cells and modern Bio-Energetic technologies applied in our associated clinics, we are increasing this natural capacity.

In order to help patients, with modern and alternative therapies, I have developed treatment cooperation with international clinics using our philosophy and a Medical team reviewing treatment potentials at the various associated clinics. The Medical team consists of Dr. Jackie See, USA and Dr. Georg Kobinia, Austria.


Dr. Jackie R. See, USA
Dr. See is a Board Certified Internist, a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and pioneer of the specialty of Interventional Cardiology. 
He founded the teaching program of Interventional Cardiology at the UC Irvine School of Medicine with Jonathan Tobis M.D., F.A.C.C. and Walter Henry M.D., F.A.C.C., prior Dean of the UC Irvine School of Medicine; and Chief Scientific Medical Advisor Stem Cell Save The Children.

Dr. Georg Kobinia, Austria

Dr. Kobinia is an Austrian Surgeon, a Fellow of the „American Association for Thoracic Surgery“ at the Massachusetts General Hospital at the University of Harvard, Boston, during his US stay. Together with Warren Hancock, he developed a stentless aortic heart valve. The use of this heart valve was simplified using a new suture method with 3 sutures of the top of the commissures, a method which paved the way for the percutaneous insertion of aortic heart valves.

In our affiliated clinic organization we have additional Medical team members for various cellular therapy, mainly in the US / California and India.