Cell Therapy – Wellness Sensation

A holistic concept in Anti-Ageing & Wellness

Our product portfolio is based on the following philosophy:

Humans are a biological  system of about 100 Trillion cells, embedded  in  an  electromagnetic energy field, communicating with  its  specific  neural  network, able to  exchange and  analyse  information  and  with this, initiating impulses triggering biological, electrical  and chemical related reaction at its cellular basis.

This naturally embedded regenerative capability can be influenced and enhanced by stimulating the body’s own defense system by:

♦  Increasing  its own stem cells, growth factors and other cells, ….supporting regeneration
♦  Supporting its DNA cell structure via Telomere and other ….related enhancing supplements
♦   Inducing its electromagnetic field structure supporting regeneration
♦   Most importantly in respect of visual effect: Using skincare ….components able to super-charges the production of young, fresh skin ….cells based on stem cell technology.

Those activities may enable a person to stay longer healthy, maintain a youthful appearance, and staying active in life while aging.

We have developed a three column therapy, in with the above elements, based on stem cells respectively cell technology, are embedded, as shown in the Holistic Healthcare approach of ARISTOLOFT below.

CellTherapy & Wellness Sensation Falk 1

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