The Greek physician Galen noted the cleansing powers of magnetism in his book

“De Simplicum Medicamentorum Temperamentis Ac Facultatibus”

around 200 B.C. The word magnet comes from the ancient Greek magnes lithos, meaning “stone from Magnesia,” an area of Greece that was known for its volcanic rocks with magnetic attributes.

Magnetic therapy was already practiced in China around 2000 B.C., as recorded in The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine. iMRS Picture 03In that ancient medical text, “magnetic stones” were advocated to correct health imbalances. (Lawrence 1998/1) In the Middle Ages magnetic treatment was delivered by placing “lodestones” on the body. Lodestones, or “guiding stones,” were so named because of their use in iMRS Picture 04navigational compasses by Viking, European and Arab sailors. Today we know the mineral in these rocks is magnetite.
At the end of the 19th century the electron was discovered and electro-magnetism was brought into the realm of science on the atomic level. Albert Einstein showed that electricity and magnetism are not discrete phenomena, but different aspects of the same phenomenon. Medical textbooks at that time included magnetism and electricity as therapeutic alternatives for insomnia, fatigue, arthritis, pain and convulsions. Magnetic boots, rings, girdles, caps and ointments were available even in mail-order catalogues.

At the same time Daniel David Palmer, Canadian fishmonger turned “magnetic healer” founded the Palmer’s School of Magnetic Cure in Davenport, Iowa. When in 1895 he began applying short-lever manipulations of the spine with great effect, the Palmer School of Chiropractic was born.

Influential people at that time, believed, RoyRifeunfortunately, that there were too many types of doctors and unproven healing modalities in existence, from chiropractic to naturopathy to homeopathy, and the beginning of the Electro-medicine by Dr. Rifle, to holistic medicine with herbal medicine, Ayurveda and more.

Abraham Flexner, was an American educator, best known for his role in the 20th century reform of medical and higher education in America and Canada, became instrumental for those influential people as he submits a report to Congress in 1910. This report “concluded” that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all the natural healing modalities which had existed for hundreds or thousands of years were unscientific quackery. It called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only the allopathic-based AMA be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. Congress acted upon the conclusions and made them law and with this, allopathy, the treatment of disease by conventional means, i.e. with drugs approved by government related authorities having effects opposite to the symptoms, became the standard mainstream modality for the 20tiest Century.

Alternative Medicine, like homeopathy, Magnetic therapy, Chiropractice, etc., as a branch of medicine and as an area of clinical research fell into disfavor in North America as a result of the Abraham Flexner’s report on “Medical Education in the United States and Canada,” resulting further that all medical schools related to those unproven medical treatments did not survive as they could not provide their students with a medical license at the end of the course and as a consequence, closed down. After his report in 1910 the number of medical schools decreased from 133 to 85 in the US.

Flexner soon conducted a related study of medical education in Europe. According to Bonner (2002), Flexner’s work came to be “nearly as well known in Europe as in America.” With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, Flexner “exerted a decisive influence on the course of medical training and left an enduring mark on some of the nation’s most renowned schools of medicine.”

The rise in power of politically motivated allopathy medicine in the beginning of the 20ties Century resulted in the shift to nearly 100% dependence on approved pharmaceutical drugs for health and led to an unfortunate period of dormancy, of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), lasting about 60 years, until mid 1970s, due to the research and development of CAM outside the USA.

Nikola Tesla was the first modern individual to be recognized for manipulating electromagnetic fields for health purposes. His methods and patents in the early 1900s for the Tesla coil were also used for electromagnetic medical devices.

Tesla - PEMF

After World War II, Japan began generating various electromagnetic wave shapes by changing electrical currents and experimented with electromagnetic fields in medicine. Fibromyalgia e.g. is considered in some parts of Japan as Magnetic field deficiency Syndrome of a human body.

Electromagnetic reviews and the scientific exploration moved from Japan to Europe, first in Romania and the former Soviet Union. From 1960 to 1985, nearly every European country designed and manufactured its own magnetic therapy systems. Todorov published the first book on modern electromagnetic field therapy in 1982 in Bulgaria. This work summarized clinical observations using magnetic fields to treat 2700 patients with 33 different pathologies.

The modern clinical application of electro-biology eventually also moved to North America, and began in 1971 when Friedenberg described their success in the healing of a non-union fracture treated with 10 microamps of direct current delivered with stainless steel electrodes. Avoiding the invasive nature of Friedenberg’s direct currents, Dr. Andrew Bassett at Columbia University Medical Center introduced a new approach for the treatment of non-healing bone fractures and pseudarthroses that employed very specific, biphasic low frequency electromagnetic signals. Public awareness also increased in the mid-1970s amidst reports of successful enhancement of the speed and endurance of racehorses treated with electromagnetic fields. Based on the published work of Dr. Bassett, in 1979 the FDA allowed electromagnetic fields to be used in the USA for non-union and delayed union fractures.

A decade later (1990) the FDA allowed the use of pulsed radiofrequency electromagnetic fields for the treatment of pain and edema in superficial soft tissues. It is now also in the USA commonly accepted that weak electromagnetic fields are capable of initiating various beneficial biological processes, including healing of delayed fractures, pain relief, and modulation of muscle tone and spasm. In 2011 the FDA approved for use in patients that failed to respond to antidepressants, weak magnetic stimulation of the brain as a transcranial pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. Again, it shows very clearly that only after all means of allopathy therapy had been used on a patient, a physician can use one of the very few approved CAM therapies in the US.

The development of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and integrative medicine therapy had been and still is slow, primarily because of lack of scientifically-derived, evidence-based knowledge of the mechanism of action. The philosophy of “Evidence based medicine” is the domain of FDA / EMA, defending the in 1910 established philosophy and policy of standardization of medicine, i.e. allowing only approved drugs provided by pharmaceutical industry for treatment of human illnesses.  Recent estimates show that until a drug is approved by the FDA it takes about 12 to 15 years and cost about 2.6 Billion US-dollars. This system does not allow new scientific and investigational products to reach patients as only large pharmaceutical companies aiming to patent the product can afford this kind of cost and time, furthermore NIH related sources do not sponsor CAM therapies.

In our global environment, where in spite of western efforts of globalization and standardization of business and even health related activities, many countries realized that alternatives, especially in medicine, which had been part of the more than thousand year old cultural heritage, should not be neglected as treatment alternatives, and is slowly regaining its place in also in western society.

Energy medicine, like PEMF and Information field therapy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda as “ Complementary and Alternative Medicine, in short CAM therapy”, but also stem cell treatment are revolutionizing the medical field, although FDA / EMA is only very slowly opening up to those alternatives, as mainstream medicine still considers those new technologies and treatments as unproven, even sometimes as medical quackery.

What is considered an alternative therapy is today certainly a moving target, but in a report in 2014 by the Mayo Clinic, nearly 40 percent of adults reported using complementary and alternative medicine, meaning that the patients, beside mainstream medical treatment seek health support via other means, even they have to pay for them. Further details are via this LINK:


There are from our point of view, beside the main stream Allopathy therapy basically six main CAM methodologies, to treat a disease. Homeopathy, Regenerative Stem Cell treatment, PEMF, Information Field therapy, Naturopathy and Ayurveda. We include Ayurveda as one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It was developed thousands of years ago in India. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

All of these methodologies have a common goal which is to eventually cure the disease. Each one has a different origin and a different way of treatment. In our treatment concept on this website, we however, concentrate on a holistic approach with modern Regenerative stem cell treatment, brainwave entrainment, the information field and PEMF  frequency therapy and related products like telomere treatments in respect of anti-aging therapy.

PEMF is one of the most researched field of alternative healing and wellness treatment globally, but besides the few approved application by the FDA, non-union and delayed union fractures, and the treatment of pain and edema in superficial soft tissues, other PEMF treatments have not been recognized by the FDA as approved medical treatment.

In respect of “Energy Medicine” we focus on PEMF therapy and Information field therapy, although this is becoming a moving target as information field therapy recently started to embrace also PEMF therapy in a combined system.

The sub-pages are focusing on the PEMF system produced by Swiss Bionic Solution (SBS). The iMRS is a global leading PEMF system with more than 400.000 users and has helped people to improve their quality of life in uncountable cases.

Dr Joel Carmichael – President of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine – discusses the technology and his findings about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy and intelligent – Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) for Health and Wellness, in the below video.

The iMRS product family are portable wellness devices for humans that provides earth-compatible PEMF energy to the whole body (via a full body mat) or a local body part (via local applicators) to facilitate repair (e.g. pain or inflammation), improve speed and endurance (e.g. run faster and longer), and foster overall wellness (e.g. alkalinity, circulation, oxygen, range of motion).

Due to modern lifestyles, living and working mostly in brick buildings with concrete floors and not spending enough time outdoors in fields and forests we no longer receive optimal exposure to the Earth’s natural magnetic field. In addition we are bombarded daily with unhealthy “electro-smog” from dangerous EMF (electro magnetic fields) pollution (cell phones, computers, microwaves, televisions etc.) which further decrease our biological cell energy (cell membrane potential). Also, in the past 500 years, the earth’s own magnetic field has declined by 50% and is continuing to reduce.

The iMRS  is the optimal solution to these modern problems as it provides us with healthy earth-based magnetic energy and gives us several hours of EMF protection. In only 8 minutes twice a day your body and cells can be charged and energized, making the iMRS the ultimate wellness tool.

The video below will give you an overview how the system works  but also insights to actual health problems, ageing and the already visible financial difficulty in our Western health care system, asking clearly to investigate affordable alternatives. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, a leading global consulting organisation, in less than 10 years, in 2020 worldwide healthcare systems most probably can no longer be financed, if we do not start changing our approach to health and health maintenance, going away from treating symptoms and increase prevention supporting the natural healing process of human beings.

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies on the Effect of PEMF therapies are a valuable source of information reviewing the potential of a qualified PEMF system. The FDA approved some PEMF use in 1982, although it remains widely unused due to lack of physician training and lack of knowledge concerning the treatment.

Although pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a relatively new protocol for pain in the West, it has been proven over the last 4 decades to be side-effect free in many Peer-Reviewed Studies in Eastern European countries.

In our site PEMF – Membership site” you will find iMRS product details, PEMF videos, prices and a treatment selection of some of the more than 2000 plus Peer-reviewed and published scientific papers on various potential medical therapies with a short explanation of the illness. In order to see details please click on the above membership site, registration is free. You may also visit our FB site IMRS Health & Wellness Sensation to see the latest news. 

The PEMF system works like 
……………….“The Whole Body Battery Recharger”

The Russians won the space race with Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight around the earth. But when he arrived back on earth he had depression, bone loss, muscle degeneration, decreased metabolism, and impaired perception. Since that historic flight, “Zero Field Studies” have confirmed that if living cells do not receive the pulsed magnetic fields of the earth they die within hours. So it is vital for life on earth, including the human body.

PEMF (or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) acts like a spark, ignition, or impulse that keeps the cells of your body charged at an ideal voltage or energy level, helping your about 100 Trillion plus Cells, which are like miniature pumps, transferring oxygen, water and nutrients into your cells and waste products out – to supply the right ENERGY to function.

The iMRS Wellness System

The iMRS stands for Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, and is the world leader in pulsed magnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy using exclusively earth based Schumann Frequencies, intensities and has a built-in intelligent biorhythm clock. It is the world’s most used PEMF devices with over 16 years of research and experience. It also uses the proven square wave, which has been shown to be the most effective for healing and regeneration.

But most importantly are the results people are getting all over the world. The older generation MRS 2000 was for many years the top pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) device, but the new iMRS mat has replaced this legend with a spectacular cosmetic and electronic facelift. New reviews are heralding this unit as the definitive leader in magnetic and pulsed magnetic therapy. 

The iMRS is Cutting-edge technology, sleek design, elegant simplicity

Swiss Bionic Solutions’ highly effective core MRS technology is used in more home-use systems than any other in the world. Offering the same uncompromising German-engineered quality and reliability the iMRS sets a new industry standard for in-home efficacy, aesthetics, ergonomic comfort and user-friendliness.

iMRS Picture 02

An ancient science re-discovered

Over 4,000 years of use and experience Magnetic field therapy is one of the world’s oldest forms of healing. It was at the center of the medical philosophy and practice of the iMRS Picture 03Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and South American Indians. The medieval Swiss alchemist, physician and astronomer, Paracelsus, documented the efficacy of magnetic fields in the 1500’s. He is still regarded as the first pioneer of modern magnetic field therapy. In the 20th Century, the first clinical studies were conducted in Russia and Japan, followed by groundbreaking in Germany by Professors Lechner and Ascherl. Today, like other age-old therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, magnetic field therapy is enjoying a true renaissance in the world of complementary and alternative medicine.

Not all magnetic fields are the same

The latest insights gathered through scientific and medical research show that not every type of magnetic field is effective in promoting optimal health in living organisms. It is now known that pulsating oscillations that mimic the iMRS Picture 04vibrations of the Earth’s own magnetic field can benefit every cell of our body, as long as they have the correct intensity, information content and resonance characteristics. How? By recharging our current conducting cell membranes through precisely regulated electromagnetic fields. When all the body’s cells are simultaneously stimulated with natural, resonant electromagnetic vibrations, cell vitality increases, metabolism is enhanced and total body energy is improved. This is the power of intelligent magnetic resonance stimulation (iMRS)

Improve well-being with pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF)

In every area of life, benefit from the power of Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation iMRS systems can be tailored to your individual health and wellness needs, providing a wide variety of applications for the maintenance of your personal well-being and health.

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iMRS Picture 09iMRS Packages

Includes Control Unit, Power Plug, Owner’s Manual, build- in Music Player, Two (2) Applicators: Whole Body Mat and Pad, SD Card for basic home settings up to 200.

Includes Control Unit, Power Plug, Owner’s carousel-6Manual, build-in Music Player, Three (3) Applicators: Whole Body Mat, Pad and Probe, SD Card for complete wellness settings up to 400.

Includes Control Unit, Power Plug, Owner’s Manual, build-in Music Player, Three (3) Applicators: Whole Body Mat, Pad and Probe, SD Card for complete wellness settings up to 400, and featuring: iGUIDE; a virtual database with more than 3000 pre- programmed settings for all three applicators Adjustable timer for sessions lasting from 2-60 minutes.

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