PEMF for Animals

Magnetic-resonance-stimulation could also be used for horses and other animals. In contrast to people, animals do not fall victim to the so-called “placebo-effect”. Animals act unbiased an instinctively. The completely new developed iMRS Fauna is the successor of the world-famous Enerpuls system. It has been engineered and designed completely new. Practicability and compatibility are the keywords when looking on the brand new iMRS Fauna system.

Electromagnetic energy is the essential, elementary force through which all species evolved since the beginning of our planet earth. The magnetic field of the earth is being utilized by many animals i.e. for navigation. There are numerous faunal species, which are equipped with sensitive organ systems to detect even the weakest electromagnetic fields. They are using this ability for orientation and hunting.

Unfortunately even our animals today are iMRS Fauna 02suffering from the ever-increasing negative changes within our entire environment and are developing adaptation problems. The rise of toxic substances affecting the tidal air, the food quality and the high exposure to man-made frequencies (electro-smog) are creating tremendously negative influences on the organ systems. Wi-Fi, GSM, Microwaves, GPS etcetera are overriding the natural and pure information content of the earth magnetic field. Animals become disoriented and start suffering from a variety of unspecific disorders and character changes, which finally leads to all kinds of disease patterns.

With the help of a specific, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), within the intensity- and frequency range of the earth magnetic field, one is able to effectively, securely and gently correct these imbalances.

Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) has been professionally used in the veterinary field for decades as a supporting and accompanying modality with a wide range of health conditions.

iMRS Fauna 01An additional growing application spectrum represents the usage for race and show horses as well as with livestock in the agricultural area.

Based on the existing human iMRS control unit special software was developed to operate the newly designed area- and leg applicators of the iMRS fauna. With the help of a specially programmed SD Card all application parameters can be uploaded andiMRS Fauna 03 made available. Owners of existing iMRS human systems are therefore able to use their control unit for the iMRS fauna applications as well. A simple firmware update will enable this function. It’s no longer necessary to apply a whole body applicator on the animal. To provide a practical, gentle and stress free application, within the stables, the newly developed area applicators do not have to get in contact with the animal anymore.

A simple suspension mechanism allows a variable, two-sided installation of both area applicators within the box. The animal will be positioned in the box and is automatically and non-intrusively exposed iMRS Fauna 06to the applied pulsed electro magnetic field. The additional 2 leg applicators enable a more specific and local application for the lower extremities of the animal.  The leg applicator provides the NASA square wave. The adjustable suspension mechanism and the choice of very durable yet light material ensure a fast, easy and highly effective use.

An other new feature is the integration of the iGUIDE with 37 recommended and pre-programmed settings for special animal complaints. The settings are available for all three available applicators (area applicator, leg applicator and optional probe applicator).

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