The PEMF system
……………….“The Whole Body Battery Recharger”

The Russians won the space race with Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight around the earth. But when he arrived back on earth he had depression, bone loss, muscle degeneration, decreased metabolism, and impaired perception. Since that historic flight, “Zero Field Studies” have confirmed that if living cells do not receive the pulsed magnetic fields of the earth they die within hours. So it is vital for life on earth, including the human body.

PEMF (or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) acts like a spark, ignition, or impulse that keeps the cells of your body charged at an ideal voltage or energy level, helping your about 100 Trillion plus Cells, which are like miniature pumps, transferring oxygen, water and nutrients into your cells and waste products out – to supply the right ENERGY to function.

ARISTOLOFT has reviewed many different systems in the frame of its holistic health care approach and is proud to be a partner of SwissBionic / MediConsult to promote the global number one PEMF system, the iMRS system family, used actively by our members for personal health maintenance.

The iMRS is a highly technical pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device that is registered by the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) in the US and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Europe. Its frequencies, intensities and the biorhythm clock are inspired by nature.

Dr Joel Carmichael – President of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine – discusses the technology and his findings about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy and intelligent – Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) for Health and Wellness, in the below video.

The iMRS product family are portable wellness devices for humans that provides earth-compatible PEMF energy to the whole body (via a full body mat) or a local body part (via local applicators) to facilitate repair (e.g. pain or inflammation), improve speed and endurance (e.g. run faster and longer), and foster overall wellness (e.g. alkalinity, circulation, oxygen, range of motion).

Due to modern lifestyles, living and working mostly in brick buildings with concrete floors and not spending enough time outdoors in fields and forests we no longer receive optimal exposure to the Earth’s natural magnetic field. In addition we are bombarded daily with unhealthy “electro-smog” from dangerous EMF (electro magnetic fields) pollution (cell phones, computers, microwaves, televisions etc.) which further decrease our biological cell energy (cell membrane potential). Also, in the past 500 years, the earth’s own magnetic field has declined by 50% and is continuing to reduce.

The iMRS  is the optimal solution to these modern problems as it provides us with healthy earth-based magnetic energy and gives us several hours of EMF protection. In only 8 minutes twice a day your body and cells can be charged and energized, making the iMRS the ultimate wellness tool.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) devices for home use have been on the market for nearly two decades. Swiss Bionic Solutions Schweiz GmbH, the only company in the world with it´s own in-house research, engineering, development, and manufacturing divisions, is the world  leader in PEMF systems for home use.  The legendary MRS 2000 +  series of products have been on the market for over 15 years, With an estimated 400.000 daily users worldwide in 21 countries. The brand new iMRS-Series is the culmination of more than 15 years of experience in energy medicine and more than 3.5 billion in-home applications worldwide. With the innovation of the iMRS, people have the opportunity to access a wide range of additional options for the first time in history (iSLRS with two additional components of the light spectrum, iGUIDE with a virtual catalog of preset programming and iMORE technology).

The video below will give you an overview how the system works  but also insights to actual health problems, ageing and the already visible financial difficulty in our Western health care system, asking clearly to investigate affordable alternatives. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, a leading global consulting organisation, in less than 10 years, in 2020 worldwide healthcare systems most probably can no longer be financed, if we do not start changing our approach to health and health maintenance, going away from treating symptoms and increase prevention supporting the natural healing process of human beings.

The iMRS system is now available in Portugal, Spain and Malta via ARISTOLOFT, and we will perform information and trial sessions in major cities on demand.

To register for the future trial session just click here mentioning your name, email and country / area. We will inform you when and where we plan and will perform presentation and trial session. With the email confirmation we also will send you the present Product Brochure and Catalog for a first general overview of the iMRS product family.

For further details and ordering please contact us or SwissBionic. You are just only a click away from starting of improving your health.

……….iMRS inspired by Nature, backed by science, registered at regulators

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