North Cyprus IVF Center

Set up in 1998, North Cyprus IVF Center rapidly developed into a completely functional infertility clinic in 2001. Not only it was the first established IVF Clinic on the island, North Cyprus IVF Center has been a pioneer in fertility treatments ever since. Aristoloft is reviewing a cooperation agreement with the Northern Cyprus IVF Center also in respect of a holistic cellular treatment concept. In the website, you will be able to find information about causes and diagnosis of infertility, treatment options for various infertility problems and many more details.

No two individuals are the same,
therefore, managing your infertility requires a
unique and an in-depth analysis for every single patient.
When it comes to infertility management,
a single prescription will not fit every patient,
so it is our responsibility to make sure
that you are thoroughly assessed
and that you are provided with a treatment option
that fits your fertility needs perfectly.

Further details about our cooperation will follow in 2018