The Technology

by Weber Medical for Professionals

The external laser therapy by WeberMed can be used simultaneously with up to 12 lasers. This unique technology allows an application of high doses of energy and is used very successfully in classical acupuncture (treatment of 12 points instead of single points with one-channel lasers), pain therapy, rehabilitation, dermatology etc.

In addition to the well-documented effects of acupuncture, we also have the healing effects of laser light. With the simultaneous combination of red, infrared, green and blue lasers, different depths of penetration can be achieved, while the various lasers (wavelengths) each have individual effects in the tissue.

Unlike ordinary laser light, the laser beam exiting the emitting diode is configured like a needle and enters with its high-energy light particles into the tissue- although it is completely non-invasive. With its highly focused beam, it is able to penetrate into the depths of damaged tissue and lead to regenerative effects as well as to a stimulation of acupuncture points. Through this combination of high energy density and longer treatment times, we can achieve a detectable stimulation with excellent treatment successes.

Moreover, Weber Medicals new intra-articular and interstitial laser therapy (with the help of a special catheter technology) makes it possible to irradiate directly in the tissue (eg spine, knee or shoulder joint). This enables us to direct energy right into the symptomatic area, with a two-fold effect: A significant reduction in pain intensity in chronic, treatment-resistant symptoms and a sustainable regeneration of the diseased area.

In Weber Medicals intravenous laser therapy, the laser light is placed directly in the flowing blood (by a special catheter). Studies show that laser irradiation of various blood cells triggers a variety of positive effects, including a significant improvement in performance, a stronger immune system and a demonstrable reduction of elevated laboratory values in conditions like diabetes and liver disease.

The medical benefits of laser therapy:

⊗  No side effects
No risk of infection
Well suited for pain-sensitive patients and children
Excellent and proven clinical effects
Laser-specific positive and additional effects
Up to 12 treatment points at the same time
Combination of different lasers (different depths of penetration and effects)
Better and more rapid medical efficacy, so wider range of applications
Ongoing clinical and technical development of systems and therapies
Often, simultaneous reduction of drug consumption

Interstitial laser therapy of chronic spinal complaints

A new technique, the so-called percutaneous interstitial laser therapy (with the use of a sterile catheter), allows the laser light to be used even deeper in the tissue, for successful treatment of slipped discs and spinal stenosis.

Using this technique, considerably improved therapeutic results are obtained, because it is possible to achieve a penetration depth of up to 12 cm in this way. Also, green and blue lasers, which are normally already absorbed on the surface of the tissue, can be used deep in the tissue and can develop their anti-inflammatory effect.

Application areas of interstitial laser therapy

⊗  Chronic spinal illnesses
⊗  Slipped discs Views
⊗  Scar pain after slipped disc surgery
⊗  Spinal stenosis

⊗  Neural lesions
⊗  Deep tendinitis and strains  

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