For somebody who worked for 40 years, very successful in a globally operating company, developing various types of business with chemicals and pharmaceuticals the traditional way, by building strong own customer oriented sales organizations, well-coordinated and controlled by a head office, the alternative of having no own sales organization, but just having, as some say, a bunch of “uncontrolled freelancers” doing the job, at first, at least, appears somewhat strange. When analyzing, however, less emotionally, the pros and cons of both alternatives, it appears that opting for “affiliated activities” and “Network Marketing activities”, can in today´s business and information technology environment, be quite attractive and potentially at the end more rewarding for all involved.

I am Falk Heinrichsohn, married for 35 years, with two lovely daughters, traveled and still travelling the world as a consultant in the field of alternative health and wellness, while living in Malta my official residency and partially in Portugal, my former home.


When I was due to retire from corporate business, I felt, there was something more, than just retire, but give life a new meaning and shortly before I retired, I established in Portugal a foundation with the theme “Esperança de Vida”, or in English “Hope of Life” to support people with unmet medical needs and in 2006, I established together with my wife and partner a company to manage some of our personal activities but also to serve as a basis to explore further the 21st Century advances in alternative medical treatments.

I developed a philosophy, based on the understanding, that humans are beings, with a biological structure of about 100 Trillion cells,

cell thera 10

Cells which are “analyzing and communicating” every moment of our life, via its neuronal network, to initiate corrective, maintenance and survival actions in our body. This natural regenerative activity can be supported extremely well, with the unique combination of my four column health and wellness philosophy, and with time, I found leading companies in their field to support this holistic approach via affiliate and Network marketing partners.

The concept of becoming an affiliated company and doing Network Marketing as an entrepreneur  in the health and wellness field has been shown, like with AVON or Herbalife, to be very successful and that it can be an exciting way for individuals to advance with own low risk business activities if you select the right partner.

Affiliation and network marketing,  to support an own business activity has a much lesser thresholds than, e.g., a franchise where you have to invest upfront quite an amount of money, with higher risk, and in the end you may not be successful and lose your investment.

To enter Network Marketing, initial costs, are often just only the sign-up / annual renewing fee of around 25.00 USD, which enables you to purchase the products at attractive wholesale pricing for own use (Costco-model).

If you really want to enter network marketing as a distributor, even as a part-time activity, the basic package is often just between 200 to 300 USD, which, if sold by you to customers, gives you an average of 30 to 40 percent margin. On top of it, a good network marketing company has a return policy of 30 days, in case you have second thoughts and opt out of the opportunity. This is an opportunity with a safety net for those entering this business model, which you do not find anywhere else in life.

Network marketing also fits well in a time, where economic environment, poor political governance, has its challenges. Poor economic growth, does however not mean to become unemployed and have no quality of life anymore. If you see it as a challenge, to circumvent the surprising negative side effects of globalization by industrialized countries, and technological advances, where each time more labor intense activity is replaced by a cheap robot like equipment’s, you will not stop to change your life to become more positive in spite of a difficult economic environment. What you cannot do is to wait, that somebody else may change it for you. You alone determine your future, not the government, nor the weather or the economic environment!

Unfortunately the majority of people, however, just following old pattern and the review and futuristic view on people´s future, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Saperston Companies, Bankrate Statistic dated January, 2014, is not too exciting and should be a wake-up call to those who intend to have a more comfortable future life. The review, based on economic, political and social environment reveals for the US: 

 “Out of 100 people who start working at the age of 25, by the age of 65”:

   1 %  – will be considered wealthy,
  4 %  – have adequate capital stowed away for retirement,
3 %  
– will still be working,

63 % are depending on Social Security, friends, relatives or charity,
29 % – are dead, as a consequence of a natural cause.

This statistical view of the US from 2014, is from my point of view not much different in other Western Economies, like in Europe, where structural unemployment is revealing that the unemployment rate of young people, people between 20 to 35 years, in Europe has reached about 35 % in Spain as an example! Due to technlogical advancement it is furthermore feared that by 2025, i.e. in less than 10 years about 30 % of present labor activity will be replaced by Robot technology and its advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) development.

People of all ages will have to look for alternatives to finance their life, differently than in the past, and we can see the rise of real entrepreneurs, but also early health maintenance seekers, as social security has difficulties to support the health needs of an aging population.

A difficult economic environment and an aging population is certainly a field where many business opportunities exist, and entrepreneurs who are exploring it now, will harvest their effort at a time others still suffer from the environmental and technology syndrome.

During the start-up phase of my own activity, I was aware, I needed to find a smart way with little up-front investment and an adequate low cost infrastructure, especially in the field, which I intend to develop further….”alternative medical treatment which really works”! But contrary to a corporate world, where I was backed up by lawyers and a great financial budget, here, with own activity, I was “excitingly alone”!

I remembered also the words of the German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, being certainly an additional, even invisible, barriers to the success of an entrepreneur in this field of alternative, medical treatments:

 “All truth, maybe today we should rather say all NEW REALITY, passes through three stages:”

First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

This statement fits really well into the thinking pattern of western minded regulatory authorities when it comes to new scientific advances, especially in Medicine as shown by the FDA and EMA, trying to enforce that stem cell treatments with own adipose derived stem cells are drug treatments and have to the follow clinical trial, before being approved for medical treatments, while more open minded governments support this new treatment opportunities even via medical tourism activities. 

Well, barriers, according to my own definition, are there to be climbed, sensibly changed to see what is behind, explore the new horizon more clearly. In spite of many even invisible barriers in the field of new medical treatment methods, also as a surgical procedure, we are growing, growing as an international movement, some call it medical tourism, to places where treatment already today is possible.

Many Western Authorities with their so-called unbinding recommendations have made autologous stem cell treatments extremely difficult, as mainstream medicine does not recognize this as a viable alternative, but condemn those treatments as unproven to defend their proven mainstream therapy. Alternative medical procedures therefore today, often fall into the “second phase” of Schopenhauer’s philosophical thoughts, i.e., are violently opposed!

Determination and the capacity to learn new things, improve skills constantly, learn from less successful adventurers, was what accompanied me all my life, and today in my third phase of life, it did not change, and we have established “in spite of”, more clinics even in Europe, to advancing with safe and successful individual autologous stem cell treatments as a medical procedure, showing quite remarkable results, without any negative side effects usually associated with drug treatments.

When helping to support people in their unmet, health and wellness need, I also came across PEMF therapies and Jeunesse a great Network marketing company in the field of anti-aging to work with, and today I am able to explain to my clients, I am a

“Cell and Wellness Consult, helping people to look and feel young while offering the opportunity to become financially free”.

The last part has often resulted in questions and gives a chance to explain the opportunity at hand and develop a relationship which often ends up in a new business. Let me be clear, Network marketing is a profession, and like in any profession you need to improve your skills in order to become successful, if you want to be on top. It is not a get rich quick system, though sometimes people are entering with this idea in mind. This is wrong, you need to work in order to be successful.

Most important, if you are joining network marketing, you need to understand the need of your clients and develop from there a strategy which benefits both sides.

pyramide idea 1

In the chart above, I have summarized these steps and those who want to go with me to the top have to accept the challenge of work, improving skills and be rejected while continuously developing their business.

For me, the quality of network partners and developing users / customers in the network is more important than signing up thousands of new distributors, who after the sign up and purchase

“Do not know WHY, and what to do with what they just started”,

and in the end claim it does not work while staying in your network as “dead wood”. So, quality comes before quantity, and if you join me in my network marketing activity I will coach you to work with this philosophy to develop a sustainable own business and be part of a quality network.

One of the first important tasks, is to review whether you really like to enter a certain activity, like the health and wellness field with antiaging products and how the company you intend to be related with is developing. To select a product portfolio which you like to be involved with, is a personal decision, so, if you like to sell guns for sport’s activity and have no “feeling” for selling beauty products, although you may say a gun is a beauty, do not enter an activity where you need to promote a product, like cosmetics, you may not really like it, because your skills have to be different. Here is the portfolio we are talking about:

Jeunesse portfolio 2016

I was recently offered to enter and develop a lingerie portfolio. Well, as a man it might be somewhat difficult, so again it has its attraction, but probably, most certainly,  does not fit into my natural way of promoting products, except you may try to use the skills you have to develop a female distributor force, otherwise, your own involvement and the opportunity to unleash your true potential may be limited.

Furthermore, it is important that you have to look which company, in your field of interest, is potentially the best one fitting your ideas, have a vision and success factors supporting a joint long-termed success.  We can characterize those success factors, important for the company, but also important for those distributors who intend to join the opportunity as follows.

  1. Products & Services

    Products offered have to meet the market needs, must be able to compete in their market segment and generate profit to develop a sustainable business for the company and the distributor network.

  2. The company management team

    Do they have an appealing vision of the future, and a management team working together to achieve this. Are they socially engaged and do they understand well, their role as a service provider, helping others  to grow in order to unleash each other potential and making a positive impact for all involved.

  3. The compensation plan

    Is the compensation to distributors based on a sustainable business model, where people joining, benefit from an attractive price if using it only for themselves (COSTCO-Membership Model) or can generate some additional income fast by working part-time or if interested and capable by developing their skills to build a large own network structure, becoming a professional. Here incentives, global events, training and a qualified up-line to support the business will help both sides to become successful.

  4. Support to customers and distributors.

    In our 21st Century environment where online business is developing at a path never seen before, an attractive website is a “MUST” with great online reporting tools and an easy to work back office, where you can handle all business related activities from anywhere in the world with best in class information technology.

Jeunesse Growth success

Jeunesse has all these attributes and is globally the fastest growing company in their field, as you can see in the charts above and below!

Jeunesse Growth success2

As mentioned before, my consulting and business activity covers cell, health and wellness related activities in the frame of affiliated or network marketing concepts and those ones, who are really interested to develop a professional business activity in Network marketing are able to become members of my key team, which will have full access to my training and support tools, once they have answered a short questionnaire to stipulate their WHY.

“The why” is one of the most important factors to become successful! If you know, “Why you want to achieve something, stipulate the goal clearly and work on its realization”, your chance to become successful and financially free is next to your fingertips. 

Success attracts more success and the association with successful people, able to support you in your own business development will be the step in the right direction. Once you have cleared your “WHY”, mainly for yourself, and you are sure you want to become a professional in Network marketing let’s talk via Skype.

In this talk, we shall explore further the WHY, the goals and after you have determined where you want to start, either as a customer, a part-time distributor or a PRO, I will help you to choose the right approach for your “why” and a corresponding product package and the path to develop your activity.

With the official sign-up and the purchase of a product portfolio you will have, the support via the Jeunesse back office, a personalized website and your up-line access with various tools, like information’s, videos, etc. Furthermore, you will have my personal coaching support for a guaranteed period of 12 months via Skype, to become a successful network marketer.

Please note again in “Network Marketing the word “WORK” is embedded”, and we will improve jointly skills to achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

For further details on any of the above mentioned activity, please contact us at: or my company email at: