Stem Cells,
the repair team of our cellular structure 

Any living organisms with a cellular structure have a build in repair mechanism. Those cells involved in the repair of damaged tissues and organs are stem cells, and attracted to sites of injured tissues by “alarm signals.” In this way, these cells proliferate, migrate, and accumulate in those damaged places. Pain is therefore considered the signal of the body, saying something does not function well.

Our technology of extracting autologous stem cells from an area of high volume, then concentrating the cells, or using allogeneic expanded Mesenchymal stem cells from Umbilical Cord tissue and reinjecting them into the damaged area, as a medical procedure, helps the cellular structure to regenerate naturally. The video below talking about stem cells and its activities in general.

The stem cells performing this regeneration process in our body are called Haematopoietic stem cell and Mesenchymal stem cells.

Sources of Adult Stem cells

As we age, the production of stem cells in a human body is not only reduced but also by using those cells for the repair and maintenance of our tissues we, over time, have simply fewer stem cells available in our body to fight the natural wear and tear process of our cellular structure.

The concept of introducing new stem cells to our bodies circulation has shown in anecdotal studies the improved capability to support health and health maintenance with the repopulate stem cell pool. Some of the well-known sources of MSCs are bone marrow, fat, dental pulp, and umbilical cord tissue. 

In the Video Series “Live Longer, Feel Better” Dr. Riordan and Mel Gibson discuss stem cell therapy in Panama. One more clear documentation that stem cell treatment as a medical procedure is benefiting patients without negative side effects.

MSCs have the potential to treat various degenerative disorders including neurological, optic, orthopedic, liver, kidney among others. We believe that maintenance of our body is a very important instrument to stay healthy while aging. We have developed a comprehending holistic “maintenance concept” which includes stem cell treatment, and various Complementary and Alternative Medicine, so-called CAM therapies, which can support longevity and health for many years to come.

Bioelectric systems as a part of the CAM therapies will advance our understanding of how to communicate with our cells, once this is achieved the famous Tricorder from the science fiction movie Star Trek will become reality…. Qualcomm has entered this race with a 10 Million US dollar prize in 2012 already and in 2017 and the winner was a team from Taiwan!