Pro-Consciousness Medicine

In the last decade, we have seen the emergence of Pro-Consciousness Medicine through a new scientific blueprint based on the premises of quantum physics and neuroscience, a unified field theory in human biology integrating the dichotomy of mind and body. The outdated linear Western model of science has shifted to an updated pro-consciousness model of science. This multidimensional view of healing is based on a subtle energetic anatomy and offers an assessment of health parameters that reflect the movement of subtle energies in relation to the morphogenetic fields.

Pro-Consciousness Medicine replaces the concept of disease with self-awareness and positive actualization, resulting in holistic healthcare management that emphasizes optimum health instead of disease and fatality. Pro-Consciousness Medicine, supported by the development and availability of user-friendly digital technologies, will democratize health care and open the door to personal creativity in the process of healing by empowering the individual to take a greater role in their own health care.

A major revision in the life sciences illuminates, furthermore, the formerly hidden connection between mind and body. The “new” biology defines how our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create our body’s conditions, ranging from health to disease. Since only 1% of disease is due to genetic defects, the remaining 99% is directly attributable to the environment and our nervous system’s perception of the environment.

Health begins in the cell

Humans are a biological cellular-based system, embedded in an electromagnetic energy field, communicating with its specific neural network, able to exchange and analyze information and with this, initiating needed actions based on electrical impulses triggering biological and chemical-related reaction at its cellular structure. This natural regenerative capability can be enhanced by stimulating the body’s own defense system via increasing  its stem cell population, growth factors and other cells as well by inducing its energetic field structure supporting cellular regeneration.”

Our cooperation partner TimeWaver develops medical and other related systems that should help to analyze and balance deeper causes and interactions of diseases in the Information Field. The TimeWaver systems – produced and developed in Germany  is also used in some of our clinics, and are able to:

1.   Analyze and balance deeper connections in the Information Field
2.  Harmony of body and mind
3.  Rooted in psychosomatic and integrative medicine
4.  Information Field technology for human benefit

If frequencies are the language of cellular communication, many diseases can be treated with the appropriate current intensities and frequencies. The basis of this theory is that certain frequencies can be systematically assigned to certain symptoms.

TimeWaver Information Field technology regards consciousness and information as elementary components of diagnosis and therapy because as we see it, one can grasp and balance psychological and somatic connections only at a deep level.

The system works holistically and identifies differences between various levels. It considers the bodily correlations found in the Information Field, and also the energy and information levels, it aims to be aware of the whole person.

Using precise frequencies and low-intensity currents, numerous diseases can be treated, whether in the field of pain therapy, mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, to support learning, treat addictions, or with cardiovascular difficulties.

The cytologists Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, former chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee, have discovered that almost all acute and chronic diseases may be caused by a decrease in the cell membrane voltage.

But why does the cell’s membrane voltage decrease? According to their model, a major cause is an acidic milieu of the cell. This means that there are too few electrons in the environment of the cell and thus the pH value may decrease. This is the starting point of Frequency, which aims to reverse this process by way of restoring the natural voltage of the cell membrane.

It is, therefore, hypothesized that the treatment principle, based on a cellular improvement of the membrane voltage of the cell may improve the cellular structure and its natural regeneration process.

The TimeWaver Frequency system has been developed by Marcus Schmieke, the inventor of Information Field technology, and the Portuguese Nuno Nina, head of seven international clinics for integrative medicine and a specialist in cell biology. In many years of practical work, Nuno Nina collected 130,000 frequencies, the “Gold frequencies”, and assigned them to specific disease patterns. His experience with more than 45,000 patients strengthens the opinion that a reduced voltage of the cell membrane is present in almost all diseases.

We have various partner clinics providing various holistic treatment protocol to improve quality of life of patients besides the stem cell treatment. For further details please contact us.

The TimeWaver systems, the existence of Information Fields and the herein mentioned applications are not accepted by orthodox medicine because of lacking scientific evidence in accordance with orthodox medicine standards. The herein mentioned case reports and studies are also not acknowledged as scientific evidence in accordance with orthodox medicine standards.