Network Marketing a great fit for entrepreneurial cell and wellness clinics!


I am considered by some, who worked with me, as relentless. What does this really mean? Well, I think it maybe the understanding of a certain mind-set and people often see activities as “relentless” because they feel the motion but do not see that the action behind is leading to a visionary goal.

If you measure however, your progress by “accomplishing a goal” and focus on goals, I believe you have an excellent mind-set, a mind-set of an entrepreneur, and if someone consider this being “relentless”, well, then I am, but keep in mind:

“The key that unlocks energy is Desire.”
Earl Nightingale

An Entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur, is from my point of view, a multitasking personality, result driven, open minded, having a vision of the future, is self-motivated, see obstacles as challenges to conquer, but also understands the need of discipline, which I, still with a human caring touch, proudly practised very successful in my last 30 years as Managing Director of various subsidiaries of a globally operating chemical and pharmaceutical enterprise in very competitive environments.

I opened up, for and with this company, successful subsidiaries in South Korea, Taiwan, a complex Japanese – European production Joint Venture in Singapore, closed corporate activities in Liechtenstein, UK and Canada and changed business to fit better in the new business environment in Malaysia, Germany, Hungary and Portugal, but also developed and established a foundation. Relentless? No!, Just goal driven, having the desire to achieve something that changes something for good, and not afraid of the challenge even though sometimes the way to succeed is not clear, but with time “the how to achieve the goal” became and is becoming clearer and clearer!

I always knew, the most important step is always the first step.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single first step. I truly believe, nothing is more exhausting than the task that’s never started, a great dream, that turns into a nightmare. Strangely enough, I have seen that starting is often more difficult than continuing, therefore I always told my team, don’t try to make whatever your task is perfect, don’t try to hit the 100 percent mark, before you start, because like this, you might never really start, therefore, just get it going even when you reached only 80 percent of what is needed! You will develop the missing percentage on the way! Once on the way give your activity the 100 percent it deserves.

In 2006, I envisioned, and without knowing how, I started and eventually created a foundation in Portugal and served until 2011 as its president to promote science and art, by bringing them together in exhibitions under the umbrella theme of “Esperança de Vida” to sponsor young artists and health related associations. With it’s proceed, the foundation assisted individuals with medical problems, and associations to help treating better Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and Rare Diseases.

After my contractual corporate retirement in 2009, I developed my own consulting business at Aristoloft Ltd, first as a financial arm of various personal real estate activities and basically in parallel as a consultancy with the vision to support, develop and establish alternative health and wellness treatments, based on new cell and stem cell related investigational Know How of the 21st century.

Well, I always had this vision that technology will change medical treatment as we know, and for most knowing me, it was clear, I obviously could not, did not really retire in 2009, probably because I was and am still too much involved in exploring new things, improving my skills and supporting others, the seed of an entrepreneurial spirit. I felt and feel inspired by some wisdom of those people dealing mostly on the subjects of human character development, motivation, excellence and meaningful existence like Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins or Earl Nightingale to mention a few. This philosophies are well expressed in one of Earl Nightingale´s quotes:

“The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal,
the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious,
will direct us along the path to its fulfilment.”

Humans are by nature curious, which is the main basis of evolution and development and this is built in, in my holistic health and wellness philosophy. Nightingale´s quote reflects the path I am going since long and each time more, as the technological understanding of what is a human body is becoming clearer, more transparent! Humans are inspired by the new technological advances and on their unstoppable way to take the next step in evolution!

In this understanding, the collective collaboration of cells inside a human body, and the learning of how our cell structure is embedded in the environment, is obviously a main basis of forming our conscious and even more our subconscious mind.

Therefore, I have defined humans according to this mind-set, as being a complex biological system of more than 100 trillion cells, embedded in an electromagnetic energy field, communicating with its specific neural network, able to exchange and analyse information at cellular level. With this constant review of our cellular structure, this network is initiating impulses, triggering targeted biological, electrical and chemical related reactions at its cellular level as the cell structure knows, at which level there is “a malfunction, a problem” and use the natural build in regenerative capability, to “solve this cellular problem”.

We all experience, that this natural capability is decreasing over time with ageing, but new science has shown that it can be influenced and enhanced, regenerated by stimulating our body´s regenerative system using our new understanding of how cell and stem cells communicate and regenerate. Consciously, we are not really aware that our cells are constantly working to maintain health at cellular level by regenerating our cell structure at a path of about 1.7 Million cells per minute, showing clearly that we are a biological structure with a build in repair system!

My holistic health and wellness philosophy is reviewing and supporting this build in repair system with technologies as shown in the picture below,

21 Century Holistic Medical treatment - Falk

and my main consultancy activity is defined as:

“Helping people in their health maintenance
to become and stay fit, while aging
and in becoming financially free!”

This last part of my vision statement “becoming financially free”, usually results in: “You do what?” What has health and wellness to do with financial freedom?

It’s undoubted an interesting question and subject, and usually it opens up the opportunity and admits time to explain, how I am helping people in respect of their health and wellbeing, by bringing together the 21st Century new cell and autologous stem cell based related treatments and cell based maintenance products available via network marketing.

Most people, during the course of explanation, react like, “Well, you are involved in serious scientific activities, obviously since long, but how come that you at the same time involve yourself in the infamous Pyramid marketing system?” Well, I have to admit, it’s a question I faced in the beginning too, and only recently understood the mistake I made by accepting standard information without reviewing it more careful!

Well, its history, but somehow, I record, that there was many years ago, once a time I touched shortly the subject, even having been successful at senior management level for more than 3 decades in doing business in the traditional corporate activity.  I guess, I always looked a little bit out of the box and realized that in the late 20 century, the existing corporate business model faced many challenges, including those of motivation in sales and marketing, beside the costly infrastructure of doing business as usual.

Most, especially large global operating companies, are however defending their business model and potentially are afraid to change to a model where control with real customers is not anymore in-house. I recall a meeting where there was a brief discussion on direct sales, but as there was the bitter taste of the Pyramid system, being a financial sales scam, I also remained very sceptical even to review this sales and marketing option further.  

I suppose, if I, maybe better we, the corporate, would have been less successful, we might have looked also more serious to sales and marketing alternatives and reviewed and understood the potential of Network marketing better. But, as mentioned before, why should I, embedded in a large global corporation changing the business model while working successful, besides this, the other potential alternatives appeared just not attractive enough to be considered as a viable option! Well, I guess it was not yet my time to enter this activity!

The new model of doing business direct with customers as “Direct Sales” developed, however nearly unnoticed by many corporation and established strong, sizeable structures in the last decade of the last century.

Many companies and managers realized only late, what kind of interesting tool was developing globally, although it had its challenges, especially as some companies in the late last century with their trial and errors philosophy, developed the infamous financial pyramid system putting unfortunately a big question mark to network marketing activities in general in that time.

This financial Pyramid system has however nothing to do with the, by now well-developed, direct selling marketing activities of well-structured enterprises, as in the beginning of the 21st  century, this business model overcame it growing up pain and irritation phase. Today, this business model can be considered as a mature and attractive business model. Companies, which started some years back to develop seriously “Direct Sales, and Network Marketing or Multi level Marketing (MLM)” became solid enterprises in the new emerging business environment in even less than 10 years!

Here is a short explanation I learned during the review of the difference of MLM and Direct Sales.  Direct sales can be understood as face-to-face selling. Products and services are presented to consumers at work or home by an independent salesperson, where the salesperson earns the difference between e.g. the wholesale price and the recommended retail price. Multilevel marketing is not actually marketing, but an additional technique to systematize and compensate direct salespeople. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), multilevel marketing is, better described as being a direct selling compensation plan where independent salespeople receive payment in a variety of ways. Good direct selling companies compensate their independent distributors with a solid retail margin of around 30 to 40 % for their direct sales and own consumption and in addition compensate those building a network of own but independent sales people with interesting additional commission and other incentive plans.

Well, as I did not know all this information about Network marketing, nor bothered to review it further in that time, as I lived well by developing and defending quit successful corporate business the old way over many years. The acceptance and entering eventually this activity needed clearly a change of mind-set! As our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes, the learning and the constantly changing horizon, sooner, rather than later, this network marketing idea would fall on me and confront me seriously, and my past very superficial review would not be helpful!

When I started to develop my holistic health and wellness concept further in 2010, and reviewed many companies and options, I made some painful discoveries and experience. Nevertheless I slowly, eventually found the right partners and while developing my business and researching for additional products in the field of wellness and antiaging, one day in November 2014, an Australian friend of mine contacted me, drawing my attention to Jeunesse a stem cell technology based skin care and nutrition portfolio Company. I had, by that time, already developed well my holistic health and wellness concept as shown above, but the third column, “Nutritional Support” though envisioned, was still without any real activity.

He got my full attention, when he explained that one of the nutritional products is supporting Telomeres, the endcaps of our chromosomes. I was looking since some time to find a registered supplier in Europe for TA 65, the only patented product which is clinical proven in maintaining and even increasing in some instances the length of the telomeres in our chromosomes, which in turn means healthier cells and healthier cells mean a healthier body. Unfortunately no supplier did register the products with the European health regulators, so the product was basically only available in the US.

But when he explained, I can get this product now via Network Marketing, immediately several flash lights started to show up in my mind, as I associated network marketing with words like Pyramid scheme and sales scam. This were really words that came immediately to my mind and I told “my friend off”; — You know, I like the products but sorry, do not want to be involved with one of “those pyramid scheme people.”

My life was embedded, as mentioned before in a very successful corporate and now consulting activity and adding a stem cell based skin care and nutrition portfolio would support my activity undoubtedly, but the prize, joining a “network marketing scam” is out of the question!

I remember, I actually said, ”scam”, after all, I have heard about it, and I felt it is not really an attractive idea to my sincere science based activity, especially after my friend mentioned the potential of the multiple six figure income, as this usually was indicating the sales scam!!

I, immediately also jumped on his last phrase and said, you see, here the scam already begins, creating big hope based on “hot air”, therefore,  I do not think, network marketing is what I like to be involved with.  I behaved like the guy in the cartoon below, who based his knowledge on not reliable or better outdated information ……. see the video, get enlightened!

Well, good friends have, – sometime, – patience with their friends, and those are really good in Network Marketing, obviously don´t take “NO for an answer”. In the end, after several months of not touching on the issue, we came back to it and he explained, well, you are right, in the past we had this kind of companies in this field, but time is passing and today it’s the 21st century, it is much different than even a few years ago, technology has supported the change in a way people never thought about before!

Have a look to the cartoon regarding network marketing and the pyramid system, see it until the end, it’s a good training for open up the mind of people….

My friend emphasized further, “You are working in a very advanced science field, you know that technology is changing quickly and the concepts of bringing products to the market are also changing dramatically”. Many companies who did enter the market via network marketing have established by now valuable distributor networks with entrepreneurial people to the benefit of both sides.

Instead of using 40 plus percent of revenues for an own sales infrastructure and advertisements, those values are distributed by good network marketing companies, to those regular customers and distributors to compensate them for their involvement and direct sales efforts. If a company has a certain profile you can be sure, that you can enter a successful partnership with very little investment and basically no risk, compared to a franchise system, and make either some interesting money, by starting part-time, just to see how it works, or benefit from purchasing the products at wholesale prices for own use!

I am sure, it also would work out for you, and it might be more rewarding in the end for many of those people being fully involved, by building own teams in Direct Sales.

I know you personally do not depend anymore on developing a new income stream, to support your lifestyle, you live well in two different countries, travel the world, have a great marriage and nice kids, but besides the passion for your great science based activity, the only side effect is, it fits well into your vision to help people.

Look, here are the main point´s based on the latest review, or better test result of profiling well a good network marketing company. This points are helpful to analyse the activity before entering and I highly recommend to see, also for anybody interested in Network marketing, the video by Eric Worre, explaining in his video “The Rise of the Entrepreneur”, well the future of network marketing as well as the four below mentioned important cornerstones for selecting and partnering with a successful Network Marketing company.

1. Products and Services.
Here you need to answer the question: Is there a need in the market?; Does the Product meets this need?; Is the product priced to sell, can it compete in the market place?; Is it priced for profit, i.e. is there enough margin for the company and the distributor to generate sustainable income?, and last but not least do you like the product and services offered?;

2. The Company.
Here you should review: Is it well run?; Do you believe in the management team, and the founders?; Is the science story behind the products solid?; Are there ideas, a vision of additional products in the same market segment?

3. The Compensation Plan.
Here you should focus on the question: Can a new distributor generate quickly some income?—to show success to him and others to believe it’s a step in the right direction!; Is the entrance barrier, subscription fee competitively priced?; Is there a possibility to develop a moderate part-time income in a reasonable period of time and with time develop an own network to enjoy the full benefit of the compensation plan?; and for those who really like to go “PRO”, is there a real possibility for a serious full time income if someone works hard, is committed and develops skills necessary to succeed! People, who think, they will become rich over night without work, will fail, but not only in network marketing!

4. Support.
Well, if you are comfortable with the product, feel well with the company and the compensation plan, the last point, important for a final decision, is the support you receive if you join as a distributor, not only from you up-line. 

Good Network companies have a great website, an on-line reporting tools / back office, and have outstanding training programs and host events to support distributors to build their business.

Choosing and joining a network company is of course a very personal decision but evaluating the above four main elements is a great start.

Well, what do you think? I am certain you will agree, when analysing these few points with your consulting philosophy, that Jeunesse is a solid company and shall become an even  stronger power in future with their anti-aging product portfolio and their appealing direct selling strategy. 

My friend, I accepted your sceptics, it’s what I encounter every day, but please reflect, you are an entrepreneur, able to analyse new developments, learn new skills and most importantly be open minded. You certainly will see the opportunity, when you review this carefully and compare it with the idea you have about the past bad Pyramid sales system.

Therefore, let’s restart our talks, with a nice bottle of red, after you have done your review on how this activity with Jeunesse could develop to be the missing column of your holistic Health and Wellness concept, and becoming a great opportunity to add value to your existing activity.

Well, it took me another few weeks, due to other commitments, until I really started to review seriously “Direct Sales and Network Marketing activities” – It was a shocking eye-opener! My information status on direct sales was outdated, like shown in the cartoon and frankly speaking “just wrong”! 

During this review, I also came across various video´s from Tony Robbins like “The power of influence” and as mentioned before, I saw Eric Worre´s video “The rise of the entrepreneur”, and got a detailed analysis of the today’s market environment, which I somehow, in the back of my mind, knew, but never brought together with an alternative sales philosophy, the Network Marketing!  When he mentioned Jim Rohn, who I used to listen to develop my skills and philosophy of life, I suddenly remembered that Jim Rohn also was associated with the success of Herbalife … a network marketing company!

I realized quickly, that I had to change my idea of network marketing being a sales scam and a pyramid scheme and started to review the activity of Jeunesse seriously and eventually decided to take it on as a distributor. I signed up with my friend, excused myself of being so ignorant, and purchased the Ambassador package to trying out some of the products first, before moving into the direction of a real distributor.  

Well, it was obviously not love at first sight, due to my misconception of network marketing, but now I admit,  I fell in love with the concept of Jeunesse and their cosmetic, health and wellness products and have started to develop a first small  own distributor network in the frame of my holistic stem cell treatment concept.

Jeunesse is not the same old story of skin care and supplements and certainly are not the same old network model. Jeunesse is a global business that helps people reach their full potential in youthful looks, in healthy living, in embracing life.

Jeunesse combines breakthrough sciences in a product system that enhances youth by working at the cellular level. By focusing on the health, longevity, and renewal of cells, we help people enjoy vibrant, youthful results that last.

Jeunesse Portfolio 2015 Falk

The people I consult with, come to me for the 21st century cell treatment as a prevention and health maintenance and the philosophy of health and beauty from “The inside out and the outside in” also as part of Jeunesse “Youth Enhancement System” is really an added technological value, but also quickly showed the financial opportunity Jeunesse is providing.

Helping people to stay longer healthy, looking young, get the body of their dreams with Jeunesse latest Fat Management Portfolio “ZEN BODI” and a fun way to develop financial freedom could not be a more fulfilling way to make a living and enjoy life with Jeunesse and its award system.

Therefore, when asked today what are you doing? I am not only mention

“I am an entrepreneurial cell and wellness consultant,
helping people in their health maintenance
to become and stay fit while aging”

but added an important part, which makes the activity so much more attractive with the words:

“and in becoming financially free”.

Well, shortly into my network marketing venture, there was in October 2015 the meeting in Paris, called Jeunesse University, informing and training new and interested distributors about Jeunesse, its concept and opportunity. The two days had been a further high motivator, to be involved in this activity after learning more detailed what the company has achieved with their science based products and marketing concept in such a short period of time.

Becoming the first company to achieve a global sales of 1.1 billion US dollars in a never seen before record time of 6 years, showing not only the quality and result driven product portfolio but also the strong management and distributor team concept, which has only one way to go ……. conquer the next billion in revenue and give many entrepreneurial minded distributors the financial freedom they are dreaming about!.

Meeting other people aligned with the company, talking with equally minded, developing own excellent health, quality life time and financial freedom, and helping others to experience this too is so exciting and motivating that I made the decision in October 2015 to become a real professional in Network Marketing, by not only integrating Jeunesse fully into my holistic health and wellness concept as shown before, but developing it as a stand-alone business, even it may take a year or so!

Realizing the opportunity on hand, but also knowing that you cannot achieve something by “Daydreaming” I decided to review what I am missing to become also successful in this field.

I started to learn and to followed the advice of successful people in this field and committed to stick it out through any discomfort that may come with learning something new.

Beside my favourite coach Jim Rohn, I started to followed and learn from Tony Robbins, Eric Worre, Bob Proctor but also from experts like Tanya Aliza to understanding better the why, they had been jumping on the network marketing bandwagon and how they became successful. Everybody has his own success story, and I am going to write my story too!

One thing I learned in my lifelong business activity is, associate yourself with successful people, in order to become successful. “Eric Worre’s GoPro” has become the de facto bible of network marketing and I can only highly recommend to anybody who starts network marketing to “GoPro” and learn from his wisdom.

I am not there yet, that large pay checks start to roll in, but already a few friends and business partners started graciously to praise me for helping them to reach their immediate health goals and showing them the additional financial opportunity, a clear sign I am on the right track. Network Marketing is not a tool to become rich overnight and by doing nothing. In “Network” the word “work” is embedded, and like everything in life which became successful there had been hard working individuals involved.

By making the commitment to be a professional and set clear realistic goals for an activity and myself, I have become successful for many years in corporate business. What I learned and applied in the last century, is a good basis and building block for new developments showing up on the visionary horizon. Therefore, today we have to start to apply the exponentially growing 21st century Know How, even though, being obviously in part still considered as experimental, like stem cells, PEMF Therapy and by some, even Network Marketing. However, after having learned and continually learning new skills, understanding concepts better, undoubted for me now too, the future of doing sustainable business in the health and wellness field had never been brighter for engaged individuals.

I also believe, an independent distributor, in a good network marketing company, will be more motivated than any company sales representative, as he not only will know the product best, due to own experience, but understand that his hard work, even after he retired, will be honoured, due to the retained earning structure of the team and customers he did build over time.

Everybody, however, needs to understand that success requires, time and dedication and there is no get rich quick scheme going on. The advantage of Network marketing is that you can start as a part time activity, with virtually no difficulty and heavy financial exposure like in a franchise. Your enrolment fee in Jeunesse is 25.00 Euros and then you can buy either single products or a distributor package to start as a home based retailer in one of the most attractive markets of the 21st century, the wellness and anti-aging market!

I have been involved in doing and starting business in many different countries and environment with the need and coverage of an extensive risk management, and I can confirm, there is really however no other business model out there that requires such a small investment in exchange for nearly unlimited earning potential.

Aristoloft, my own, also successful business adventure, is now also involved in my starting network marketing activity, building an own team of business minded entrepreneurs who like myself, realized that not only Jeunesse, but also other products like SBS with its PEMF portfolio is becoming an important science driven product portfolio helping to managing health while ageing in a stressful environment, providing the opportunity to improve the financial wellbeing, either as a supplement income or by creating even a whole new one.

Well, I hope I have helped you to understand network marketing better, as I do, after putting some effort in analysing and learning to understand Network marketing. I have realized, it fit´s beautifully into the 21st century of health and wellness treatments and the new age of lifestyle philosophy of a balanced work-life activity. Network marketing has the potential to enabling people to set their own business hours around family time and develop the confidence that their hard work and support in their network will result into a regular residual income, standard corporate activity does unfortunately not provide anymore.

My only regret is, not having taking this business model more seriously to build a team helping them to develop too, a stream of residual income,  much earlier,  even as a part time activity with my more than 35 year long trusted partner and wife Isabel.

Jim Rohn once said more or less along this lines, corporate wages will give you a living, profits from residual income will create the wealth you dream about. I should have followed him earlier in my life, but it´s never too late to become part of the few percent more lucky people, seeing and grabbing opportunities to improve their and their family lifestyle beyond imagination!

I do not like to sound, that I regret my corporate life, certainly not as it helped me to build my own foundation, or like to justify error´s and the (wrong) sceptical view on network marketing, but hopefully this review will help others not to make the same mistake in respect of direct sales activities, by even believing that Network Marketing is basically a women’s activity only, because obviously about 80 % involved in network marketing are women. Women are obviously more often meeting with their friends for a coffee and talk about their experience of everything and nothing, without realizing that this is the best background to develop a network marketing business. Avon and Tupperware tapped into this concept very successful and women who engaged into it became very successful.

Today, any entrepreneurial mind-set can enter network marketing and creating financial freedom. If you think this is something you may be interested in, but are still sceptical like I was, consider a few things:

Think about how often you have been “talking and sharing experience about service, cosmetic product, a holiday experience, accessories, cloths, shoes, cars, food, restaurants, bar´s, etc. you loved”. It is obvious, that the concept of sharing with a friend frequently what you like or dislike, is the natural way of expressing experience in life! Most of us are like this, because at our core we desire to help those around us, to share bad, but especially good experience, and expecting this “treat” also from our friends! This is activity is the basis of natural networking!

Well, just think about it, firstly, if you’ve ever recommended a great restaurant or movie to a friend, you do network marketing! Secondly, remember success in this business is only possible by helping others reach their goals. Well, women have a natural advantage as they are natural born nurturers and caregivers and Network Marketing / Direct Sales is an incredible way to unleash our gifts and abilities and get paid for using them, but what I have realized in the latest Jeunesse University meeting in Paris is, there are also quite a growing number of men there, — and even quite successful! So anybody able to share experience via good communication can enter Network Marketing, therefore you don’t need to have thousands of friends to be successful, you need to be a good communicator, focused and be clear about your goal involving yourself in game plans and events!

There are many good network companies out there with incredible products and support. Jeunesse is the fastest growing one with an outstanding product portfolio, repeatedly used every day, supporting and providing incentives for distributors and users at the highest level!

All it takes, is finding one activity you are passionate about, like I am with alternative health and wellness concepts, grabbing a few of your friends to run with you and committing to a common goal. Whether it takes a few months or a few years to reap your harvest, you will never regret financial freedom and the meaningful friendships you will potentially form in network marketing! Below is a video of Jim Rohn and his view on Network Marketing. Enjoy the idea of starting part-time!

Hope you will join my young, but at the same time very experienced team of health and wellness entrepreneurs to develop jointly your personal health maintenance and financial freedom and looking forward to your contact.

your trusted Network Marketer

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Other sources:

Network Marketing Pro – Eric Worre

Tanya Aliza Official Blog – Home Page



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