The Technology of the Future

The technology of the future, spearheaded by Pervasive computing also called ubiquitous computing, is going to affect life, society and the environment we are living in, in a way we usually only see in science fiction scenarios.

Pervasive or ubiquitous computing is the growing trend towards embedding micro-processors in everyday objects so they can communicate information.  The words pervasive and ubiquitous mean “existing everywhere.” Pervasive computing devices are completely connected and constantly available.

About 50 years back, in 1960, the, in that time most modern IBM 1401 made 400 calculations per second, filled up a  large living room  with its installation and did cost about 1 Mio £.

A smart mobile phone today costs about 50 £, the microchip has a size of a finger nail and does 1 Billion calculations per second; — incredible many times faster than the good old IMB 1401.

The exponential growth of computer power will profoundly reshape all of human civilization. Computer power doubles at this moment at a rate of 18 months and advances into an incredible science fiction like future.

The video from the BBC is an incredible vision of the technology of the future.


Hope you enjoyed the foresight of tomorrow’s life on earth.

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