Medical Treatment – A review for the 21st Century

Medical Treatment in the 21st Century
Science or Fiction……..

The history of medicine is filled with stories of strange tonics, outlandish remedies and curious “cures”.  Medical treatment in the 19st and 20th Century has advanced substantially with the discovery of antibiotics, and numerous chemicals and biologicals to treat illnesses.

When we talk, treating illness, we have to review also the timeline of human anatomy. Already Michelangelo (1475 -1564) was very interested in the human body, especially the male body. To be able to really understand human anatomy, he wanted to make studies of corpses. This was strictly forbidden by the church and to be able to make these studies he bribed the prior of the church of Santo Spirito by giving him a wooden Crucifix, made by Michelangelo himself.

Because of him studying anatomy so closely he was able to depict the human body in such an incredible way, both in his painting and sculptures. Today, with modern technology, we can go deep into the structure of our bodies and see what is happening at a cellular level.

From the time of Michelangelo to modern science,  there had been many different approaches made to understand the anatomy of a human body and to treat illnesses. The present mainstream of medicine  to treat illnesses with chemicals and biologicals is mainly treating symptoms and has shown in spite of strong FDA and EMA screening numerous late side effects resulting even in death.

Like everything, Know How also in medicine is evolving further and what is today’s mainstream maybe will be already soon tomorrow’s historic procedure. With advances in science,  we have been able to go deep down on a molecular, cellular level, and each time more we have to realize that our human body is a complex system of cells communicating via electromagnetic impulses and having the natural capability of healing itself.

New drugs before being released to the market have to undergo a complex clinical trial process. It is quite common that during the clinical trial process not only products with active substances are administered, but some patients,  receive a product without any active ingredients to verify differences in the designed treatment. Often surprisingly those patients receiving a treatment without active ingredients, but just a look alike drug, also improve sometimes even remarkable well. This result is well known as the Placebo effect.

Knowing that, with each heart beat, we sending an electromagnetic signal into our body to initiate functions on a cellular level to maintain health or correct injuries, we also could imaging that our mind could be able to influence these functions too. There are many different cases where it has been proven that our mind strongly influenced the outcome of a treatment (Placebo effect) when ill.

A video I recently found regarding the placebo effect is quite interesting, confirming the incredible capability of our mind, and I like to share it with you:

Already in the beginning of the 20 century various scientist verified and experimented with electromagnetic waves to heal illnesses. As our mind, with its thoughts, is transmitting also electromagnetic impulses it is assumed that the placebo effect is strongly related to the influence of the mind on our cells and within on our body.

We know, when electromagnetic activity ceases, life ceases. Electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry, any disruption of this energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism, and if our cells are not healthy, our body is not healthy.

Modern medical treatment is each time more confronted with the philosophy of a more holistic approach moving away from toxic, invasive and often not effective treatments.

Clinics and physicians working with this model are trying to stimulating the body’s own cell capability to renew and repair the injured body in a truly natural way. Stem cell treatment and manipulation of stem cells is a fast growing area of new medical know how and has in some countries already passed its experimental status.

While reviewing the development of medicine throughout the time we believe that, with the arrival of the 21 century, it’s fast advancing technological Know How, there will be fundamental changes in the way as we are treating illness.

The structure we see in future medical treatment has two main pillars:

1.    19th and 20th Century invented chemical and biological medicinal products
2.    21st Century Science Driven Medical Treatment

In the field of the 19th and 20th Century mainstream health treatment,  we also see activities like Acupuncture, Homeopathic treatments, Magnetism, OTC – Drugs, etc, besides FDA / EMA mainstream approved drugs to treat symptoms of illnesses.

21st Century Science and Technology Driven Treatment has four main pillars:

1.    Drug (new Chemicals & Biologicals) and Vaccine related activities
2.    Technological Advanced Surgery e.g laser and monitor aided procedures
3.    Cellular and Regenerative Activities with autologous stem cells
4.    Equipment supporting medical treatment, like the pulsed electromagnetic
field (PEMF) therapy; or a more complex equipment supporting stem cell
treatment in day clinics.

Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccine development advanced considerably to treat illness in the 19th and 20th Century. Blockbuster Drugs, developed by the pharmaceutical industry improved quality of life of patients considerably, though negative side effects sometimes do caution the use of chemical and biological drugs to treat symptoms of certain illnesses.

Surgery and diagnostic of illnesses aided by high tech equipment have helped to improve effectiveness and recovery time considerably, like e.g. Laparoscopy Technology.

Science and technological Know How, advances extremely fast and science related Know How are doubling at an impressive rate of a few years, compared to decade lasting historic changes of Know How and its application. There is nearly not one week in this early 21st Century that we do not hear of a new breakthrough in medicine related to cellular, genetic and stem cell science. Regenerative medicine, although still in an experimental and investigational phase is able to manipulate cells, genes, produce skin, bladders, windpipes and full functioning organs. As mentioned earlier we are approaching “curing” in medicine right in the beginning of the 21st Century. Like everything what we know has a lifecycle and the mainstream medical treatment of the last centuries is coming to an end via disruptive new technologies.

As we also increase our Know How, how cells are functioning and how communication between cells works, the advanced Know How in pulsed electromagnetic field energy will be much instrumental to support healing of cells and organs.

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