iMRS Fauna 07  ARISTOLOFT LOGOOur world is changing rapidly which requires each time more that we are adapting even faster to those changes. This refers not only to business but to life in general.

I once mentioned in one of my BLOGs, that business is the creation and protection of values with engaged people, but is life itself not based on this philosophy of “creation and protection of values” too? In our 21 Century, assumptions and reality are becoming moving targets. How do we cope with this consciously? Are we just drifting into this unconsciously until we are waking up and shocked what we are seeing!?

In business, my successful and sustainable model for the future was always to follow the idea of “Strategic Intent” described by Garry Hamel and C.K. Prahald. —And in private life? Well, we talk about the “SECRET” being the key to success describing that we are able to determine our future if we just only want it!

Philosophically, I am one of those believing that if we envision our future we are able to create it, provided we stop daydreaming but work on it to make it reality.

This Website is created because I believe that we are witnessing dramatic changes in the world we are embedded in, and I like to support those, believing that we are able to create the future, excitingly exploring new frontiers …!

Developing the future, inspiring others in spite of that sometimes even “invisible barrier” as once, someone said, something more or less along this lines;

“Until it becomes reality for everybody, those who do not believe in it and share it when it is created, heavily denies it at first, reluctantly and slowly adapt to it over time and in the end claim, I told you this is the way to be”!

Unfortunately, until those realize, accept and adopt this future as reality, it is already again history and the new future is on the horizon again, and again not accepted widely ………!

Some people claim it is culture. I believe culture is not only tradition, where you defend your “understanding of being”. Culture can also be described as the philosophy of exploring the unknown, with an open mind, a mind which transmits a sense of direction, a sense of discovery and destiny, the real secret of success in life.


Join me, and a growing team of entrepreneurial minded, in exploring Cell Therapy and a PhilosoPhy of Holistic Healthcare, Wellness and Consciousness in a revolutionary concept, which leapfrogs you right into the future.

My name is Falk Heinrichsohn, Co-founder and Managing Partner of CellTheraPhy ARISTOLOFT. From my profile on LinkedIn you will see I retired from corporate life some years ago. My broad knowledge and experience as a successful Business Executive for 30 years in 10 different countries with a wide range of pharmaceutical and chemical businesses, however remains, and is paired with an unstoppable entrepreneurial behavior to explore new horizons, life, where we are coming from, where we are going to………

Humans in the last century with 60 years plus, retired not only from work but most of them from life too. In my philosophy this behavioral experience has moved, at least for some to a new frontier of centenarians. To stay not only mentally fit, we therefore also need to find ways to maintain health at the highest level when growing older. This website will explore ways, experimental ways to stay on top of life and longevity.

I always believed “Life is an adventure”, How about you?
……….. join me to discover the unknown  ……..  join, to create the future!

One Remark to this website as mentioned above, “Until it becomes reality for everybody, those who do not believe in it and do not share it when it is created, heavily denies it at first, reluctantly and slowly adapt to it over time and in the end claim, I told you this is the way to be !”

Unfortunately, our new philosophy, the new age of wellness and healthcare, is not shared (yet) by many regulatory authorities. Therefore, we need to draw your attention that our vision of the future is accompanied with a legally necessary DISCLAIMER.

CellTheraPhy ARISTOLOFT and or as sometimes mentioned in this website as ARISTOLOFT only, is not offering, promoting or advertising those products and activities mentioned in this website as a cure for any health condition, disease or injury. No statement or implied treatments on this website have been evaluated or approved by the FDA / EMA. This website contains no medical advice. All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for educational and informational purposes only and we do not diagnose or intend to diagnose nor treat via this website or other communication means.

We also do not claim that any application, or potential application, using products or methods mentioned like autologous stem cells are approved by the FDA / EMA, or are even effective. We do not claim that treatments mentioned in this website work for any listed or unlisted condition, intended or implied.

Potential or interested patients in alternative treatment methods have to make their own research, based on options you may find in this and other websites, to make an informed decision while reviewing options also with a trusted medical practitioner.

In the case of the mentioned Cell Surgical Network, its affiliated centers and its consultants, the offering is centered around  patient funded research,  harvesting from patients (Adults) own adipose (fat) tissues, a Stromal Vascular Fraction that contains autologous (own) stem cells and growth factors in a surgical procedure not involving the use or manufacture of any investigational drugs, but do research only in the frame of medical treatments approved by medical practice oriented IRB (Investigational Reviewing Board) or ERB (Ethical Reviewing Board).

Any decision to participate in a patient funded experimental protocol is completely voluntary and has to be accompanied by a written consent form discussed and agreed with the patient and his treating medical doctor.

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