There is no one definition of the term “Innovation” but many Idea’s exist from Business Gurus to University lecturers, even politicians! Well, the definition ARISTOLOFT likes best is:

“Innovation is dreaming about solutions of unrealized ideas of a distant future and the corresponding working on creative solutions to realize this future”.

Many years back in when I worked in Canada in 1993, I saw an advertisement of AT&T dreaming about the future, dreaming about communication and information you can get at any time anywhere! Well, 20 years later, it became reality. Smart phones & tablet PC’s brings this and much more……!

Innovation has a breakthrough character as it may change everything it touches fundamentally, it covers unmet needs! Innovation certainly distinguishes between leaders and followers.

As an example, people always dreamed that they could fly, would live in a submarine etc, etc, as also shown is the picture below from Jules Verne (around 1900) but the first plane became reality in 1902 only!

The first television was invented in 1926, but
broadcasting started only in 1935 in Germany and in 1941 in the USA in a black and white mode, colour-television started to hit the market in December 1953! The first microwave called Radar Range was sold in 1947 and had a size of a today’s double door refrigerator with much less functionality. Than technology suddenly exploded, in 1969 Neil Armstrong set his foot on the moon, stating “one small step for man becomes a giant leap for mankind”; and we have to acknowledge this, as science and technological Know how advanced in the last 25 years at a sky rocking path. I guess nobody remembers that the first mobile phone was invented only in 1973 and had a size of a large briefcase because of the batteries and that the breakthrough in communication came with the cellular phone in 1979 and advanced today to smart phones and IPads!

Inventions, as we can easily realize, are not only breakthrough activities, but often are a basis for sub-inventions being equally attractive and beneficial for us and our market behaviour as we can see in the case of mobile phones and the TV, who started in black and white as CRT in an extremely bulky design until it was eventually replaced by a disruptive technology, the LCD’s with a functionality a few scientist in the mid 1980ties dreamed about when I was visiting science labs in Japan and South Korea. In 1986, a 12 inch experimental TV in colour, I saw in Japan, had a price tag of 500.000,00 US dollars! But Japanese and South Koreans had the vision that it would be available in every household and substitute all CRTs in 25 years, well it was not in 25 years but in about 30 years!

This is what we can describe as “Strategic Intent”, a vision of the  future, which becomes reality via determined minds! Do you know the latest technologies which already exist …?

Be surprised what is already out there and see the video below “10 Future Technologies That Already Exist in 2012”

We are focusing our support on commercial and technological, innovative solutions. One area is stem cell banking and the potential therapeutic use and the other area are 3D printing having the potential to revolutionize production and everything it touches as we know it.

Try to imagine the level these technologies will reach in 20 years from now! Join ARISTOLOFT in shaping the future.

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