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Our world is changing rapidly which requires each time more that we are adapting even faster to those changes. This refers not only to business but to life in general.

I once mentioned in my BLOG, that business is the creation and protection of values with engaged people, but is life itself not based on this philosophy of “creation and protection of values” too? In our 21 Century, assumptions and reality are becoming moving targets. How do we cope with this consciously? Are we just drifting into this unconsciously until we are waking up and shocked what we are seeing!?

In business, my successful and sustainable model for the future was always to follow the idea of “Strategic Intent” described by Garry Hamel and C.K. Prahalad. —And in private life? Well, we talk about the “SECRET” being the key to success describing that we are able to determine our future if we just only want it!

Philosophically, I am one of those believing, that if we envision our future, we are able to create it, provided we stop daydreaming but work on it to make it reality.

This Website is created because I believe that we are witnessing dramatic changes in the world we are embedded in, and I like to support those, believing that we are able to create the future, excitingly join and explore new frontiers!

Developing the future, inspiring others, in spite of that sometimes even “invisible barrier” as once, Arthur Schopenhauer, the German Philosopher said:

“All truth, maybe today we should say all new reality, passes through three stages, First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” 

Unfortunately, until those realize, accept and adapt a future, often violently opposed, as reality, it is already again history and the new future is on the horizon again, and again not accepted widely ………!

Some people claim it is culture. I believe culture is not only described by the word “tradition”, where people defend their “understanding of being”. Culture can also be described as the philosophy of exploring the unknown, with an open mind, a mind which transmits a sense of direction, a sense of discovery and destiny, the real secret of success in life.


Join me, and a growing team of entrepreneurial minded, in exploring Cell Therapy and an exciting Philosophy of Holistic Healthcare and Wellness in a revolutionary concept, which leapfrogs you right into the future.

Falk Heinrichsohn, Co-founder and Managing Partner of ARISTOLOFT, after three decades, in exciting global cooperate business, continuous his activity as an entrepreneurial business & life style consultant in the field of Holistic Healthcare and Wellness.

My broad knowledge and experience, as a successful Business Executive for 30 years in 10 different countries, with a wide range of pharmaceutical and chemical businesses activities, is paired with a natural entrepreneurial behaviour to actively explore new horizons, the vision of the future, of life and its capability of adapting to new challenges. Like to know more please go to ARI.

Strategic thinking aristoloft

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