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….. a few committed people can change the world!

We provide
Business Development strategies and implementations, Interims and Project Management and Change Management activities supporting disruptive philosophies.

We market
Stem Cell Training, the development of patient funded experimental stem cell treatment studies with non – expanded stem cells from adipose tissues with IRB approved protocols, and innovative health care related products like “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Systems” which has been demonstrating to reduce localized swelling, induce healthy cell proliferation and extracellular matrix (ECM) deposition. Those PEMF systems promote the healing in hard and soft tissue injury and with chronic diseases states, including, but not limited to, long bone fracture, tendon, ligament, and cartilage injury, neurological problems and osteoarthritis, and in any situation requiring physical healing of the body.

We inform in our BLOG
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About Innovation, Business Analysis, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing / Bioprinting) Stem Cell Development, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Banking, Stem Cell Therapy & Stem Cell Enhancement Products.

We foster
Innovation having an Impact with leapfrogging and disruptive future technologies like Stem Cell Therapies, Energy Medicine and game changing idea´s via additive manufacturing, so called 3D Printing / Bioprinting.

We believe
That business and life is a continues process of creation and protection of values with engaged people.

We are committed to your success
   with our consulting philosophy based on Strategic Intent and Collaboration

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call us at: +351 92 4087 637
or email to: falk.heinrichsohn@live.com

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