ARISTOLOFT is exploring Cell Therapy and a Philosophy of Holistic Healthcare and Wellness in a revolutionary concept, which leapfrogs you and your clinic right into the future, by offering solutions and engagements in the health and wellness related fields as shown below.

We are, furthermore, helping patients to find qualified holistic and cellular treatment clinics in Europe and Asia to support their unmet medical need with investigational, IRB approved protocols, using expanded Mesenchymal stem cells from Umbilical cord blood, as well as autologous, bone marrow and adipose derived stem cells in patient funded medical procedures and support this cellular therapy with modern Information field, frequency, electromagnetic pulse and advanced laser technology giving you a complete new wellness and anti-aging experience.

In our advanced Complementary and Alternative Treatment Concept, we are treating the human body as a whole, holistically with 21st Century cellular therapy to regenerate Mind & Body, using Naturopathy technologies, meditation and advanced technological equipment embracing integrative and cellular medicine philosophies.

In our partner clinics, we are treating various conditions with autologous Bone Marrow and Adipose derived Stem cells as well as expanded, safe P2 expansion only, Mesenchymal Stem Cells from umbilical cord blood.

In our partner clinics in Europe, we are treating patients with investigational laser treatment various cancer conditions, but also provide dendritic cell therapy.

We identify clinics, invite and train physicians in Europe to join our holistic clinic concept combining information field and frequency based therapies, laser therapies and various forms of stem cell regeneration in countries where such treatments are legally permitted.

These treatments are possible, not only internationally, but also in a few European clinics having e.g. established cellular treatments as a Hospital exemption or other relevant regulations in the frame of Point of Care settings as a medical procedure in the responsibility of a physician.

We established in May 2015, the first affiliated clinic in Europe, and another clinic joined in 2016, and one more will join in 2017 but have also contracted various holistic and investigational integrative medicinal Wellness centers helping to improve “Quality of Life” in a way never experienced before. New Clinics following our holistic treatment concept are in Europe but also India under development, please contact us to get the latest information.

Focused on health and wellness related products to support the holistic philosophy of health maintenance, we have selected various portfolios to improve the cellular structure with Telomere supporting and regenerative supplements.
You might even not only improve your “Quality of Life”, but may become a member of our network marketing team, to support your health and financial well-being unexpectedly easy.


My name is Falk, traveled and still traveling the world, after officially being retired from corporate activities, while living in Malta, my official residence and partially in Portugal, my former home. I continue my life adventure as a consultant, in the field of alternative health and wellness.

Philosophically, I am one of those believing, that if we envision our future, we are able to create it, provided we stop daydreaming, but work on it to make it a reality.

This Website is created,  because I believe that we are witnessing dramatic changes in the world we are embedded in, and I like to help those looking for the change in their life, and support those, believing that we are able to create the future, our well-being, by excitingly join us and explore new frontiers!

One of this new frontier´s is a qualified medical tourism and our main concern is to make alternative new and investigational treatment meaningful also in Europe as a part of the new disruptive but also safe medical treatment technology.

Unfortunately, society, but also regulators often, accept and adapt the future, only after it is violently opposed as the new reality.

Some people claim it is culture. I believe culture is not only described by the word “tradition”, where people defend their “understanding of their life and comfort zone”. Culture can also be described as the philosophy of exploring the unknown, with an open mind, a mind which transmits a sense of direction, a sense of discovery and destiny, the real secret of success in life.


and the growing team of entrepreneurial minded, exploring Cell Therapy and the exciting Philosophy of Holistic Healthcare and Wellness in a revolutionary concept, which leapfrogs you right into the future.

My broad knowledge and experience, as a successful Business Executive for more than 30 years in 10 different countries, with a wide range of pharmaceutical and chemical business activities, is paired with a natural entrepreneurial behavior to actively explore new horizons, the vision of the future, the adventure of life and its capability of adapting to new challenges.

During my nearly 15 years of life experience in South East Asia, I also came close to India, a land with ancient tradition and modern healing technics. With our Indian clinic partner, we are giving the science of happiness a new dimension. A Buddhist temple environment, a Tibetan Ayurveda treatment combined with modern cellular technology will be the new platform to experience happiness.

Arthur Schopenhauer, a German Philosopher, was deeply influenced by Buddhist thought and is in many ways the West’s answer to it. In his philosophic view of life, he stated amongst others:

“Nine-tenths of our happiness depends on health” 

Many talk about the Mind – Body Connection, we are investigating and providing it to give a new meaning to “Quality of Life” to human beings. If you like to reach out to the “Science of Happiness”, please contact me, my name is Falk – NAMASTE!

The quality of life is more important than life itself.
Alexis Carrel.

Please note, for regulatory reasons, there is a disclaimer on all our Social Media Pages of Aristoloft including but not limited to our Facebook´s and Websites, showing that all data is for educational purpose only and that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or similar health organisations. Products mentioned, and information provided, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and as with any personal and anecdotal testimony, application results may vary also in countries where cellular treatments are permitted.